The Only Pigmentation Expert for Asian Skin

Background Story - Unfold the Beauty Facial Secret

In a cow farm set amidst lush green fields in Japan, a team of inquisitive minds stumbled upon the beginning of a revolutionary discovery. Shakura’s story unfolds as researchers learned that the secret behind youthful, smooth and luminous skin among female farmers at the farmhouse lies in a natural ingredient that surrounds them – milk. In handling overproduction of milk, female farmers did what they knew best and put the excess milk to good use in their daily routine – using it in their bath and facial cleansing.

Milk essence or more commonly known as lactic acid is a natural component that increases cell renewal and decreases the chances for skin to develop pigmentation. This breakthrough became the most-talked about discovery within the beauty and skin care industry. In no time, lactic acid became a highly sought after ingredient in skin care products.

Shakura’s pigmentation experts were inspired by this trend and they made it their mission to further enhance the benefits of milk in the hope of developing a perfect solution to combat skin pigmentation problems.

Years of research was brought to fruition when they finally introduced the Shakura Formula to the women of Japan. The Formula has successfully helped thousands of women solved their pigmentation problems.

Specially formulated with the perfect combination of Milk Essence and Red Ruby Roselle, which is naturally enriched with Vitamin C and amino acid, Shakura Formula repairs and rehydrates pigmented skin from deep within. The Formula also acts as an anti-oxidant with intensive-humectant hydrating properties to improve skin texture and promote blood circulation, leaving you with smooth, radiant and luminous skin free from pigmentation spots.